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Career Training

Paid Search Media is main the driver of the Google Cash-Generation Machine.

Google makes money from Adwords hand over fist. What’s more, is that the advertisers who know how to optimize their Adwords campaigns continue to bring in revenue for their own businesses at margins higher than what Google is making.

Paid search positions are an extremely rewarding field to enter. This is an industry that works with large budgets, fast adaptation, and demanding clients.

My job is to help my trainees focus on:

1. Learning the fundamentals of running a campaign.
2. Advanced Pay Per Click Optimization techniques.
3. How to market themselves as an SEM professional.
4. Interview Questions, How to choose the right company, Job seeking advice
5. Career Development and Freelance contract management.

I also help my students who are interested to build their own book of business by starting their own advertising agency.

Account Management roles are the “project managers” of the client services world.

Advertising agencies are always recruiting for account managers who know the vocabulary of digital media, and search engine advertising.

This job role is not as technologically demanding as a pure SEO role, so, may be advised for those who are interested more in client relationships and project management. This role also helps to guide the strategy by discovering what the client demands and expects for certain parts of their advertising campaigns.

Outside of the New York City “Media World”, few prospective job hunters even know about the role of “account manager”.