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Paid Search

PPC – Paid Search Marketing

Paid search advertising is perhaps the most effective ways to instantly acquire targeted traffic for your business.

Running a successful Paid Search campaign can be daunting, especially in highly competitive markets where bid prices can be bid up rather high on high-volume keywords.

Webstrategist’s approach to Paid search marketing is thoroughly based on conversion testing and traffic acquisition. We are able to set up test campaigns to validate our assumptions on our target audience. Through various techniques of audience segmentation, we are able to improve click rates, and zero-in on the intent of the target user.

After initial assumptions and conversion metrics are confirmed, we then scale up the campaign through keyword expansion, paying attention to click prices and conversions.

The truth is that a successful PPC campaign also requires insights from analytics. Learning about the navigation paths and dropoff points will allow us to continue to improve the landing page experience for target traffic.

With the sophistication of advanced analytics, our team will ensure that the acquired traffic is optimized for performance and to reach the most responsive demographic audience.

Before we scale up our PPC spend, we ensure that our conversion metrics are in line, and that our analytics are set up to capture the story of our traffic. This allows us to make the necessary adjustments for the success of the campaign.

The fast feedback loop and broad market of keyword queries allow for a scalable and nimble strategy to be executed. This is perfect for testing new products, new landing pages, new marketing concepts, and for launching new businesses on this critical marketing channel.

Paid Search can be used for virtually any kind of marketing campaign. At Webstrategist, we have worked with companies in the areas of:

- eCommerce

- Travel

- Brand Reputation

- B2B

- Publishing, Magazines, Entertainment

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